About Sandra McDermid

Do you believe, even just a little, that your life can feel better?

About Sandra McDermid

Do you believe, even just a little, that your life can feel better?

It can!

You might not think you are amazing but you are. You are not ‘just a mum’. You’ve been a chef (of healthy meals), a tutor-extraordinaire, a planner of amazing activities. You’ve dedicated significant effort into giving your kids the best start in life. Beyond your kids, you’ve worked hard to ensure that all of your family (the in-laws, the siblings) are connected and get along. 

Frankly, you could run a small country with your planning and diplomacy skills. But somehow you don’t see yourself as special or worthy. Often you feel overwhelmed, anxious and unacknowledged, and your brain likes to focus on what’s gone wrong rather than what is right. 

I know because I’ve been there. My favourite self torture was to compare myself against others who seemed to ‘have it all’ (spoiler alert – they didn’t) rather than choose to acknowledge my strengths and achievements.

Prioritise yourself

You are so used to doing things for others that it feels uncomfortable to focus on yourself. Everyone in your life loves that you are so giving and helpful to them. But you are increasingly aware that they don’t need you in the same way anymore, and frankly, you are ready to focus on you. 

If not now, when?

I understand the struggle, because now never feels like the right time. I used to convince myself that I would have more time next month, once I cleared my to-do list. But you know as well as I do that the elusive ‘free-time’ never materialises. Each day, week and month seem the same, and if you don’t start now, then when?

I can help.

Hello. I’m Sandra McDermid, a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach. I work with mums like you who have older children and are looking to put themselves first again, women who are ready to say goodbye to the discomfort of life staying the same and are ready to put in the work needed to change.

My career has revolved around helping others, initially in the corporate world. I started as a chartered accountant, moved into taxation law, and finally worked in strategy consulting before I had kids. While I made the career shift to coaching in mid-life, I feel like I have been coaching friends and family since I was a child. It was the loss of both of my parents in my early 40s, struggling with my weight and becoming increasingly dissatisfied with what should have been a great life, that led me to find the Life Coach School. Life coaching helped me finally lose 40 pounds and find a renewed sense of meaning and purpose that was previously feeling quite elusive. Life has never felt better.

Now I use the same methods and tools to help teach my clients how to become aware of, and then manage, their minds. Working with me you will quickly learn to see, understand and change the firmly held beliefs and behaviours which are getting in the way of you discovering, connecting with, and realising your dreams. 

Whether your dream includes writing a book, losing weight and feeling in control of your health, starting a business, studying or working in a new area, traveling or anything else, coaching will help you get there as well as feel more joyful, healthy and in control. It’s your one and only life, and you’ve already done so much for others. Isn’t it time to make it amazing for you?

Hit the button below to set up a time to chat and we can explore together what you hope to achieve and how I can help you get there.

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